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Spring News/Schedule 2017

Note: The centre is closed May 1-15. And then May 20 (Saturday) for the Victoria Day weekend.

Unless otherwise noted, below is our English class schedule:

Intermediate meditation: Tuesday 7:30pm – 9pm

General meditation: Saturday 10:30am – 12pm

While we do not have plans for introductory classes this year, you are welcome to visit us during the Saturday morning session.…


“In the Lives of Men”

by Vivian Tsang


While the media, both online and traditional outlets, have been flooded with discussion on the recent U.S. presidential election, Master Tam has been relatively quiet on the matter. He is not known to be reticent on matters political, and he has in the past made known of his displeasure on the negative impact politicians have on people’s livelihood.…

Master Painting OCAA May 21 2016-7118

Ribbon-cutting at the Five Elders Exhibition

The opening day (May 21, 2016) was a festive affair with guests and fans of the arts attending from all over the GTA. The attendees include city councillors from Toronto (Norm Kelly, Chin Lee), Markham (Alan Ho) and Richmond Hill (Castro Liu), as well as photographer friend of Master Tam, Dr.…

The Five Elders — Celebrating Master Tam’s 82nd Birthday

To celebrate Master Tam’s 82nd birthday, Ontario Chinese Artists Association (OCAA) will be hosting The Five Elders Exhibition May 21-26, 2016, 12 noon to 5pm, showcasing Master Tam’s paintings along with works of four other artists. All are welcome.

The opening ceremony: May 21 (Saturday) at 2pm.…


Sickness and Meditation

We have been offering general meditation classes to the English speaking public since 2006. This year marks the 10th anniversary we are happy to report. To mark this occasion, I will talk about a topic that the classes touch upon from time to time: health.…

Guild Spring

Welcome to the Brand New VBA Website!


Welcome to our brand new site!

Since middle of last year, we decided to revamp the website. While the available technology is many, some of us, including the technically savvy, found ourselves becoming luddites. We installed and uninstalled engines and themes, emails were sent back and forth — and yet, we were not able to come to a consensus on what to do with the website. …


** Spring Schedule 2016 (Toronto) **

If you are in the Greater Toronto Area, our class is open to the public every Saturday 10:30am to noon.

We are closed on the following Saturdays:

March 26 (Easter weekend)

April 30 (Internal Group Event)

May 21 (Internal Group Event)…


Q&A with Master Tam on the Canadian Election

Why does he support the Liberals?

“Considering the history of the NDP, they have a tendency to overspend. The fear is if they rack up a huge deficit, tax increase is the inevitable outcome. Harper’s Conservatives have aligned themselves too close to the US.…


Summer News, 2015

This summer in Toronto seems to be on the cool side. That said, I hope everyone has a good summer so far.

For the past ten years, VBA’s general meditation class has run every Saturday, 10:30am to 12 noon, and it is open to the public.…


On Expedience

In discussing the Buddhist practice, the word “expedience” tends to go hand-in-hand with “wisdom.” One slant of expedience can be seen as “appropriate to the situation,” as in, there exists a way that works for you. For example, a scientist, may tend to look at things the scientific way.…