Intermediate Meditation

The intermediate sessions cater to students who have been empowered following the Nyingma tradition under the guidance of Master Tam (Dorje Jigdral). Master Tam  was a student of H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche.

Students are assumed to have a background in seven-point posture / blue-sky meditation. Through the technique, possibilities open up, even when physical or mental challenges arise.

The practice rests upon the view that all things good or bad, right or wrong, has a backdrop for it to play out, just like a movie requiring a screen to display. And yet, the mind can remain unencumbered like a wide open space (“blue sky”). Using the movie screen metaphor, the movie screen is neutral and does not prevent scenes from appearing.

The seven-point posture is also called the meditation of Vairocana, or the meditation of the all-embracing Sun. The metaphor is wherever and whenever the light hit, darkness disappears.

Students are taught techniques built upon the seven-point posture where the emphasis alternates between the “movie” and the “movie screen.”

A monthly group-offering meditation practice (Ocean of Wisdom) is also available for empowered students. The group practice has a prayer component in part to pray for the world in these trying times.

May the world be liberated from names of weapons and wars, disasters and illnesses! (願刀兵災病之名亦不聞!)

Updated: May 25, 2022