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Perfect Enlightenment 7: Buddha Answers Mañjuśrī, On the Perfect Awareness

In Buddha’s answer to Mañjuśrī, he said, “Good sons, the unsurpassed King of the dharma possesses the great dhāraṇī-entrance. It is called Perfect Enlightenment. From it is manifested all purity, suchness, bodhi, nirvāṇa and the paramitas that teach bodhisattvas.”

According to the text, “perfect enlightenment is this great dhāraṇī-entrance, the epitome of entrances, epitomizes the dharma and other relevant teachings.…

Philosophy East and West

by Vivian Tsang

My teacher, Tam Shek-Wing, is a teacher following the Nyingma tradition. After translating one of his books, what still stands out after three years since its publication is his opening paragraph:

Buddha taught prajñā pāramitā, which was later compiled into the Prajñā series in the Buddhist Canon.

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