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The Dhāraṇī of Entering Non-conceptuality

Avikalpapraveśa-dhāraṇī is an important scripture in Mahāyāna Buddhism. In Dharmadharmatāvibhaṇga, authored by Maitreya, the teaching on the stages of practice is established on the basis of this scripture, bridging the path of preparation to the path of insight and beyond.…

Fourfold Dependent Arising and the Profound Prajnaparamita

Master Tam’s Fourfold Dependent Arising and the Profound Prajnaparamita (四重緣起深般若) was originally published in 2004 by Buddhall Publishing.

While there were Huayan’s tradition of four kinds of dependent arising and Tsongkhapa’s threefold dependent origination, Master Tam was first to present the Buddhist practice in terms of fourfold dependent arising, providing the stepping stone needed in following Buddha’s path to shed light on Prajnaparamita, or the perfection of wisdom.…

Sneak Preview on The Secret Collection

The Secret Collection of Works on the Essential Path of Mahāyāna
A Compilation of Early Chinese Translations of Tibetan Tantric Buddhist Texts
Foreword by Shek-Wing Tam
Introduction by Shen Weirong
Peking University Press
Published September 2012

In Chinese with Foreword and Introduction in Chinese and English

Tibetan Buddhism was practiced in the Mongol royal court during the Yuan dynasty (1271–1368).…

Natural Appearance, Natural Liberation

One of Master Tam’s publication, “The Dhyana of Living and Dying” (生與死的禪法) is now available in English as “Natural Appearance, Natural Liberation.” Published by the Canadian publisher, Sumeru Press, it is a commentary is based on the six bardos teachings from a series of hidden treasure texts known as the Profound Dharma of Natural Liberation through the intention of the Peaceful and Wrathful Ones, discovered by the great terton Karma Lingpa.