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Toronto, Canada: Tam and Five Friends Exhibition, Artists’ Reception, June 23, 2pm

Buddhist scholar Master Tam Shek-Wing is a third-generation painter from the Geshan and Lingnan traditions. Tam turns 85 in 2019. Five of his artist-friends join in this celebration with this exhibition. It is a celebration of friends old and new, one that is between a chef and a diner that spans over three decades (Lo); a budding one that is formed from afar by way of the 16th Karmapa and the Dalai Lama (Shein); a group of immigrants who found a sense of kinship through the arts in a foreign land (Chan, Ma, and Xue).…

Ribbon-cutting at the Five Elders Exhibition

The opening day (May 21, 2016) was a festive affair with guests and fans of the arts attending from all over the GTA. The attendees include city councillors from Toronto (Norm Kelly, Chin Lee), Markham (Alan Ho) and Richmond Hill (Castro Liu), as well as photographer friend of Master Tam, Dr.…

The Five Elders — Celebrating Master Tam’s 82nd Birthday

To celebrate Master Tam’s 82nd birthday, Ontario Chinese Artists Association (OCAA) will be hosting The Five Elders Exhibition May 21-26, 2016, 12 noon to 5pm, showcasing Master Tam’s paintings along with works of four other artists. All are welcome.

The opening ceremony: May 21 (Saturday) at 2pm.…

Q&A with Master Tam on the Canadian Election

Why does he support the Liberals?

“Considering the history of the NDP, they have a tendency to overspend. The fear is if they rack up a huge deficit, tax increase is the inevitable outcome. Harper’s Conservatives have aligned themselves too close to the US.…

Exhibit Opening, Two Artists – One Stroke

Toronto, ON – November, 4, 2013

The exhibit opened in Metro Hall on a crisp Winter day. The Metro Hall Rotunda is a major thoroughfare sandwiched between the business district and the entertainment district in downtown Toronto. Both Tam and Shein arrived early, happy to see the rotunda, spacious with natural light, attracting passers-by, often hurrying to and fro, stopping to looking at the pictures.…

一綫雙藝 (Two Artists – One Stroke)

TAM 一綫雙藝 題字《一綫雙藝》




地點:多倫多市政中心Metro Hall Rotunda, 55 John Street…