Buddhism Under the Nyingma Tradition

August 11, 2014

On Meditation

It has been said that meditation is the way of letting go.  In meditation, one let go of the complexity of the outside world so as to reach a blissful tranquility within.  In many spiritual traditions, meditation is the path to achieve empowering insight that lead to spiritual fulfilment.

In this increasingly hectic and stressful contemporary life, it is clear that personal meaning can never be found in the seductive and bewildering technological and material paraphernalia.  History cannot be changed, but a greater vision can be found in order to strike a healthy balance between the main stream culture and spiritual renewal naturally.

The goal of meditation is neither relaxation nor therapy, though it is often confused with them.  Meditation is not introverted contemplation but rather a process of expansion, a means of complete personal transformation.  It is a deconstruction of the old and a reconstruction of a fresh new perspective.   Sure enough, there will be challenges to overcome, but the voyage will be one of clear self-awareness and bright self-knowledge.  To the novice, these words might not inform much but let them be an invitation to begin a fruitful journey of a lifetime.

For more information on our meditation class in Sept. 2014, contact registrar@vbatoronto.org.

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