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December 07, 2015

Q&A with Master Tam on the Canadian Election

P1190864Why does he support the Liberals?

“Considering the history of the NDP, they have a tendency to overspend. The fear is if they rack up a huge deficit, tax increase is the inevitable outcome. Harper’s Conservatives have aligned themselves too close to the US. The allegiance is not the problem, being too close is.”

What is so special about the Liberals?

“The Liberals have put a focus on the middle-class. Paying attention to the middle-class is better than paying attention to the rich. Some may worry that the disenfranchised would be neglected. In my opinion, this should not be the case. Making the rich and the corporate pay up is very difficult. By taking care of the middle-class, and after all, the majority of taxpayers belong to the middle-class, they are better equipped to support the country. In turn, the disenfranchised are also better taken care of.”

Some criticized Trudeau for lacking political experience.

“Trudeau may appear lacking in experience. He had his start as a teacher and should understand the kind of hardship experienced by the middle-class. Speaking of political experience, there are many within his team and the party that can more than make up for the inexperience. As far as I know, he receives a great deal of support from Liberal Ministers and MPs, past and present. If judging on experience alone, such as the likes of Harper, you risk ruling with an iron fist.”

[first posted in VBA’s Facebook page on Sept. 2, 2015]

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