Buddhism Under the Nyingma Tradition

Visualization Meditation

The introductory class usually takes place over six weeks and is free of charge.

We begin with blue sky meditation where we encourage the participants to keep their senses wide open — in our day-to-day reality, all our senses are relevant in their own way. While we may get carried away by our preferences, values and emotions, the meditative environment provides a safe place to step into a territory where it would otherwise be difficult or distracting.

Below is an outline of the class in the past.

Week 1:

  • What is meditation?
  • Health and meditation
  • Meditation using scent (olfactory sense)


Week 2:

  • Seven-point meditation posture
  • Breathing exercise


Week 3:

  • Introduction to chakras
  • Meditation using sound (auditory sense)


Week 4:

  • How our mind creates stress?
  • Breathing-Mind Visualization


Week 5:

  • Meditation practice using visual and auditory senses


Week 6:

  • Introduction to the Practice of Dumo Fire
  • Symbolic meaning of Dumo Fire