Buddhism Under the Nyingma Tradition

June 05, 2012

Natural Appearance, Natural Liberation

One of Master Tam’s publication, “The Dhyana of Living and Dying” (生與死的禪法) is now available in English as “Natural Appearance, Natural Liberation.” Published by the Canadian publisher, Sumeru Press, it is a commentary is based on the six bardos teachings from a series of hidden treasure texts known as the Profound Dharma of Natural Liberation through the intention of the Peaceful and Wrathful Ones, discovered by the great terton Karma Lingpa. This book not only contains very practical advice on the bardos, or intermediate states of living and dying, but also has many teachings of the Nyingma tantric tradition embedded in it.

The intention of the text is to condense the very deep and profound tantric teachings of the six bardos into practices approachable by all sentient beings so that many can swiftly attain various states of liberation. This book offers a scholarly but accessible explanation of the ancient wisdom embedded in this ancient Buddhist classic.

The book is available for purchase at these bookstores:

Barnes and Noble
Wisdom Books

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